About Tamie M Joyce

Tamie M is an empowerment life coach who specializes in empowering people to heal from painful family of origin and romantic relationship patterns so they can finally live their best life in peace, confidence, freedom, and abundance.  She does this through a proven 8-week process called The Freedom Class.  
Her specific areas of expertise are subconscious, magnetic relationship patterns, as well as codependency, adult-child syndrome, and narcissistic abuse healing and recovery.
Tamie is on a mission to empower highly empathic men and women to love and value themselves enough to begin to set boundaries with, and when necessary walk away from the difficult, toxic, and narcissistic people in their lives, so they can stand in their Truth, fully heal, become conscious, shine their bright light, and live their happiest, healthiest, and most fulfilled lives.
Tamie's heartfelt wish for all people is they come to know how truly worthy and powerful they are by understanding, accepting and owning their true value while healing the fractured parts of themselves that keep them stuck in unconscious programs and cycles of emotional abuse.
She coaches individuals and groups on specific techniques to shift, heal, and successfully manifest all of their heart's desires!
Born and raised in Montreal, Canada, Tamie now resides in Nuevo Nayarit, Mexico with her husband Dale.  She works in the online life coaching industry and her primary focus is her empowerment life coaching business and clients.

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