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Learn the 5 shifts people all around the world are using to reclaim their full power and NEVER fall prey to emotional manipulation and psychological abuse EVER again!




The Freedom Class Self-Paced Program

The ultimate do-it-yourself, self-paced, rapid results recovery roadmap for people who are ready to heal from the painful effects of codependency and narcissistic abuse.  Includes lifetime access to the entire digital program and ongoing access to one live Q & A session with Tamie per month.


The Freedom Class Group Coaching Program

By far our MOST POPULAR option!  Enjoy the many benefits of two weekly live group coaching sessions with empowerment life coach Tamie, as well as lifetime access to the entire program and prerecorded course content, including all upgrades and bonuses added over time.


The Ascension Class Group Coaching Program

The mentorship program for missioned souls.  A high-vibing container specifically designed for empaths, scapegoats, and awakening light leaders.  A journey through four powerful pillars designed to activate your power and potential. This is where you become the YOU you were always meant to be!






"I was in a really bad place emotionally. I was completely burnt out, depressed, and apathetic to my life from experiencing family trauma and in a place where I had just broken up with my second (and last, thanks to Tamie) narcissist. I was distraught and completely disconnected with myself and my pain. I was drinking heavily every single weekend, both nights, in order to medicate myself from the intolerable reality that I experienced. Tamie has helped me come to recognize that because of the traumatic upbringing I had, my true-self has been in hiding all of my life and that my false self or wounded inner child was running the show. I have learned how to reparent myself and give my inner child what I did not receive when I was young. I have learned what healthy relationships look like, that boundaries are necessary and do not make you selfish, but are a radical act of self-love. I have learned that I have to put my well being and self-care first instead of neglecting myself to care for everyone else around me. I have also learned what forgiveness looks like for me, and how to forgive those who have hurt me but ultimately, how to forgive myself. Working with Tamie was wonderful! Tamie is extremely professional, and a no-bullshit kind of woman. She tells it like it is, which I (and most people) really need. You can tell she is passionate about what she does and the amount of effort and attention she puts into her clients is unmatched! Tamie is consistent, reliable, and is super responsive which I especially found comforting when I needed support. I am learning too what it feels like to have joy, for the first time in a very long time. I know how to protect myself now, how to show up for myself, how to have boundaries. There are so many wonderful things that I learned from Tamie. I have been sober for almost 2 months, thanks to her counsel. I feel like I have been frozen for a very long time and Tamie and the knowledge and tools that I gained from her program helped me to begin to thaw out. This whole class and Tamie's coaching are absolutely wonderful and so empowering!!! They changed my life! What I would say to anyone considering working with her is, DO IT!!! It will change your life! It works if you put the work into it!"

Emma Zeck
Photographer ~ USA

"When I first met Tamie I had just cut off contact with my abusive narcissistic father and was in the process of exiting from other destructive relationships that were a direct result of my childhood issues that I had never addressed. Tamie has helped me understand what it means to gain freedom from the control of others and attend to loving myself again. Working with her was always insightful and with every session, I gained new knowledge while also healing my Inner Child. Her techniques that she teaches you to use are also of great help and I use them daily. As a psychotherapist with more than twenty years in practice who is used to helping others, I realized that I needed help with my own issues that I was unable to address myself. Tamie’s expertise, love, care, and guidance is truly amazing and I couldn’t recommend her more. She invests in you and your journey and is there along every step of the way."

Stacy Aberle
Psychotherapist ~ USA

"When I first met Tamie via Facebook I was in a very dark place. At the age of 47, I found myself separated from my husband for two years, nearing a final divorce hearing and discarded by a new boyfriend of 9 months who I've known and been friends with since I was 12 years old. I was extremely lonely, broken and hurting. I felt worthless, unloved, and honestly, I felt hopeless. As a mental health therapist of over 20 years, I had exhausted my tools to cope. I knew I needed something deeper. I needed someone to hold my hand through some deep healing. I needed someone to guide me and tell me exactly what to do. So Tamie was there to give me exactly what I needed when I reached out. Tamie helped by having very specific training videos, assignments, live coaching sessions, guidance, and support. Tamie has put a lot of time, effort and organization into her Freedom Class. Working with Tamie has been hard!!!! What I mean by that is that it's not an easy process to look inside and do the work to heal. Tamie supported me every step of the way. She is nonjudgmental. She gets it. She's been through the pain. She's done the hard work herself and has come out on the other side. She's easy to talk to yet she will be honest with you. She will not beat around the bush. She gave me new tools to use to heal more layers of myself. I can't say that I'm 100 percent healed and that I'm perfectly fine. I will say that I’m not in the excruciating pain I was in 8-weeks ago when I started the classes. My eyes have been opened to what I really need to continue to work on for continued healing. I’m a work in progress but I've come such a long way in 8 weeks due to the results of doing the work that Tamie had me doing. What I would say to someone considering doing Tamie's program is, Do It! You will not regret it. You will connect dots you never even knew were out there. You will be awakened to a whole different world and vibrate at a different frequency. You will have the support and tools you need to get out of a dark rabbit hole and find hope and empowerment. I'm greatly appreciative of Tamie and all her knowledge, skills, compassion, encouragement and kindness. Thank you Tamie from the bottom of my heart!"

Regina Gentry
Psychotherapist ~ USA

"I had lost my mother nine months prior to taking Tamie's class. It was a monumental pivot point in my life. Her death along with some other traumatic events during that time created a crisis point in my life where I had to choose to remain in old patterns or move forward to a place of healing. I was a broken person, not sure how to heal myself. Tamie held my hand through the pain and the process of healing over this eight-week course. The materials were life-changing and the modalities she taught me to process the pain and difficulties of the past trauma were phenomenal. I truly do not know how I would have progressed so quickly on my healing path without doing this class! It was a life-changing experience! Tamie was absolutely amazing! This was one of the most supportive experiences I have had in my healing walk. She took time with me to deal and heal individual issues and always upheld the absolute most supportive environment imaginable. I feel like I was able to progress in my path a great deal more because of her patience and understanding. In a nutshell, she was fantastic! My self-esteem has exploded in a beautiful way! I have made peace with so many pieces of my past and learned modalities to heal and process any issues that might arise in the future. What I would say to anyone considering working with Tamie is, do it! Her class is worth every moment spent working on yourself! I can not truly express the benefits of doing the work and healing your broken pieces!"

Leslie Braddock
Property Management ~ USA

"I had decided to separate from my husband of 9 years and was confused and broken. I lost my previous husband suddenly after 9 months of marriage and both parents unexpected in the past few years. I used work as an avoidance to deal with the pain in my life. I knew I was missing something and not taking time to listen to the universe instead was trying to plan my own life. I was failing and needed help to figure out why. I had done some reading and had put things in place but never followed thru. I believe I didn’t follow thru because I didn’t know what I needed. I was truly lost. I came upon Tamie’s information on Facebook and it just called me. I immediately made an appointment online even though I wasn’t sure what I needed. And I’m soooo glad I did. I had my initial call with Tamie and we realized we were a match. All of the feelings I thought were “only my issue” I came to realize were more common than I believed. Tamie’s program was truly eye-opening. I would complete a lesson and was amazed at how it mirrored what I was going thru. She kept me grounded, provided information and resources and best of all the support I needed in the heat of the moment. She reminded me with facts and encouragement. Tamie did not allow me to backslide. The tools Tamie teaches you are so spot on to deal with the difficulties in your life. She taught me I was not alone in my journey. My life has amazingly turned around and I’m back on the right track to happiness. Tamie was a breath of fresh air. Tamie is there for you even when you don’t want to be there for yourself. She is honest, kind and a huge help. She is a great listener but is not afraid to call you out on your bullshit. I am so thankful Tamie was put into my life as a guide. I have filed for divorce finally after always making excuses as to why I couldn’t go thru with it which was causing me great stress. I recently landed a new job in a new location. Tamie helped guide me thru my feelings and emotions. I have begun a new chapter in my life and am not scared. I’ve got this! Tamie helped me believe in myself. I’m confident and I can say no to people without feeling bad. What I would say to anyone who is considering working with Tamie is don't wait. Sign up now. You too can be on your way to a new chapter in your life. I couldn’t have done it with this kind of success without Tamie’s guidance and information. "

Jen Miller
Director of Health & Safety ~ USA

"I was struggling to cope with the trauma of a divorce, the betrayal of my ex-wife dating my one time best friend and the guilt and shame associated with my behavior as a husband. I was a broken man who carried a deep sense of self-hate, regret, remorse, and overall sadness. Tamie helped me to see the light inside of me, to understand where my feelings and unhealthy thought patterns were originating. By identifying them we were able to focus on healing them. I was taught that loving myself began with forgiving myself for past mistakes and mistakes that I might make during my healing journey. Being gentle with myself was something I struggled with and Tamie helped create a safe environment for me to be vulnerable. Working with Tamie was amazing. She left space for me to be my authentic self with all of my thoughts and actions. I was able to speak openly about what was bothering me and I didn’t feel judged. A few words to describe my experience are as follows... Safe, comfortable, loved, encouraged and supported. My self-esteem has grown, my self-love has grown, and my ability to set healthy boundaries without feeling guilty has grown. I would tell anyone considering working with Tamie that they are lucky and that they will learn as much as they want to. Tamie provides all of the tools and support to grow in this process. Like she says, you get out what you put in. If you do the work she is a great teacher to help you through it."

Rob Agnetti
Obesity Care Specialist ~ USA

"I had been in therapy for close to 20 years, and had been in the process of awakening for close to 4, but was really very stuck. Tamie ignited my awakening and my healing recovery. Period. I owe her the deepest gratitude for showing me the way. Tamie is the single person on this planet that ignited my spiritual awakening. I know now I am truly on the path to recovery and can begin manifesting the life I really want. She sat with me through some major fires that burnt down everything I thought I knew: family, relationships, myself. It was like I was experiencing a death, because I was. She was extremely compassionate, generous, patient but also very firm with me. As a result of working the program, I now enjoy an overwhelming sense of peace and increased awareness, as well as the ability to manifest and understand what that really looks like. Pain can be transformative. Healing is possible but you need a guide whose done it, not a therapist. I've trusted Tamie with my own children. She is truly a gift."

Ali Zeck
Health Advocate ~ USA

"When I first met Tamie, I felt I had reached rock bottom emotionally. I felt it was impossible for me to maintain healthy boundaries in relationships. I was confused and driven by fear and anger. I felt lost most of the time. I was desperate for change and answers. Tamie has shown me what I need to focus on to be able to stay true to myself. She has shown me where my fear and anger really stem from, and how to release that fear and anger while building myself up. As a result of her program, I now have real tools to support me in being the best version of myself today while I continue to grow into the next best version of myself over time. I have become much stronger within myself. I finally understand what I really want and need in my life and I'm now strong enough to follow through with the confidence to create what I want. I also feel much more confident to set boundaries where boundaries need to be set. Working with her was a wonderful experience. She says it like it is and doesn't hold back. She is a loving, caring and giving person. She gives as much as you give. During this process, I have come to know myself a whole lot better. I now understand why my past was the way it was and why my relationships are and were as hard as they have been. Most importantly, I've learned how to change that pattern. I finally feel safe within myself. I am now able to make choices and decisions in my best interest without being affected by others. If you are thinking of joining one of her programs or working with her in any capacity, I would say you will never regret it. It's hard work but its work that will show you the truth if you are confused and it's work that will give you your life back, if you feel lost. Investing in yourself is always worth it. Go for it!"

Anita Veigarsdottir
Service Industry ~ Norway

"I was very depressed and could not understand why I attracted one narcissist after another. I was searching for answers when Tamie came into my life. Tamie has brought me out of a dark, hopeless, and angry place. She has taught me so much. I have a new Peace and excitement about what the future holds! She is very professional, yet could totally relate and identify with my feelings. She walked me through the work that I needed to do. I feel like she has saved my life! I have been able to heal on so many levels. I am not the same person that I was before going into the program. I have learned that I am deserving of a happy, healthy life and I am seeing amazing things happen! I am so grateful! To anyone who is considering joining the Freedom Class I would say that if you do the work, what you will gain is a peace and freedom beyond what you can imagine!"

Sharon Birkelbach
Management ~ USA

"Before I started working with Tamie, I was in a world of pain and confusion, desperation and hurt. I reached out to her because her social media posts and answers were deeply resonating with me and I was learning to finally put names and words to express my feelings and experiences. Tamie M helped me understand who I am and understand why I was responding and reacting the way I was. She taught me how to face those wounds, fears, and pains that I had stuffed down deep inside of me. In her loving and gentle way she guided me with so much wisdom to loving myself and caring for myself, something I never did. Working with Tamie, I learned to face my childhood wounds, self care, stand up for myself in a healthy way and live in freedom. If you’re considering working with Tamie and wondering if there is hope for you, the answer is yes!! Don’t wait and courageously jump on the journey of a healthy new life. Sincere love to you for even considering this journey. You’re awakening and that alone takes courage."

Nicole Fallin
Full-time Mom ~ USA

"Before I met Tamie, I was a hot mess! I was a heap of stored traumas. I was unhealthy emotionally and physically with no clear direction. I had lost touch with my authentic power, grasping at everything outside of myself for healing and balance. I was exhausted and sad to my core. Meeting Tamie was a godsend! After listening to my story, she told me she felt her coaching program could assist me in recovering from the extreme narcissistic abuse I suffered from my family of origin, among other issues. If I did the work, I would, in fact, find lasting healing and balance in my life. She was very open about what brought her to the abundant place she is in her life now and sincerely wanted to assist me in getting there too. I did not hesitate to say yes to her heartfelt offering, because I was serious about changing my reality, and away we went! I gobbled up everything she threw at me. I was so anxious for each new class and dove into the homework with gusto. By only week three, I was already convinced that her coaching, her approach, was the game changer for me, and the answer to my desperate prayers to heal over the years. Where nothing had worked before, gone where it really needed to go, to the level it needed to go, this was really doing it. My husband, children, and friends were already seeing a major shift in me. My husband wanted in at that point and asked me to share with him what I was learning. Yay! (I have been ever since and he is already applying the tools Tamie gave me to better himself. What a tremendous bonus!) My son said that when I walked in the room now that my energy was much lighter, that I looked really happy. That feedback was incredible! Working with Tamie has been a beautiful experience. Her compassion and ability to validate my journey, my feelings, and be able to bring little wounded Bonnie out from hiding and finally be heard and seen and supported has been remarkable. I have discovered profound clarity and learned so much about my husband and children that I wasn't even expecting. A deep peace is settling in me that I have never felt in my life before. I am so encouraged about my future for a change. All of my relationships are shifting for the better. I have permanently let go of so much emotional baggage. This is carrying over into me becoming more aligned physically. I've noticed that as I take care of me, others are naturally adjusting the way they treat me. As I have learned to honor me more, others have begun honoring me more and more. Imagine that! The mirror effect is so real and so revealing. If you feel stuck, at your wit's end, unseen and unheard, I invite you to reach out to Tamie. Muster your courage and say yes to what she offers. Your authentic and truly powerful self will show up and you will finally know what it feels like not to simply exist, but to thrive! Thank you, Tamie, for being here for me in so many ways. You are a gem!"

Bonnie Waterhouse
Loving Wife, Mom & Grandma ~ USA

"I have always tried to be a good and decent person yet it seemed chaos, conflict, and upset kept happening in my life time and time again. These situations were not caused by me but I would always be caught up in them. I would see Tamie's videos online and started to understand that narcissistic people were causing the upset in my life. One week was particularly bad for me due to one of my family members. The lies, anger, and wrath that were unleashed on me were unjustified and they became too much to bear. Tamie posted a story and I replied to it about my problem. She responded to me much to my surprise. I did not have many people in my life that cared or understood these issues but she really did. I enrolled in her class. Tamie provided support, training videos, coaching sessions, and self-care tools to help me understand my situation and ways to deal with it. For many years this has been extremely traumatic for me. Many situations that I had buried in my mind started to emerge from my early childhood to the present. Tamie's videos and coping mechanisms brought me an inner peace that I have never felt before. For the first time ever, I have put myself first. I stopped worrying about my family of origin and the drama that was brought to me. I have made the hard realization that they don't care about me because they aren't able to do so. I have found peace in this realization. As I went through the weekly exercises, my husband would listen from time to time with Tamie's permission. The program has helped him also. He has repeated many things back to me that he heard while I was listening to Tamie's videos. Tamie's wealth of knowledge and her kind and compassionate way has made a difference in my life. I feel better about myself, have inner peace, and have renewed my relationship with God. This program has helped my marriage in many ways as well. I have become more accepting of life situations and dealing with them. I have come to look at Tamie as not only my Coach, but my friend. In closing, I would encourage any and all who really want self improvement, inner peace, and happiness to take this course. It was a lot of hard work but well worth the time and effort. I am really glad I did the work and hope to do so again in the future."

Debbie Macut
Retired ~ USA

"Before meeting Tamie, I was struggling with tons of unresolved issues that almost paralyzed me from my daily life. For the first time in my adult life, I was consumed by daily panic attacks and felt like I could not function. I reached out to Tamie because I knew she specialized in addressing core issues stemming from childhood. My experience within her program has helped me tremendously with coping strategies, getting the attention of my Inner Child and healing that aspect of myself. Tamie has been patient, kind and loving through the process and has helped guide me to the central issues that held me back for so many years. I enjoyed working with Tamie because of her kind, caring nature and her determination to help many others who have been struggling with deep seated-issues. As a result of working with Tamie, I have been able to stand in my own power like I have never done before and it feels amazing. I am more confident in myself, more sure, and more assertive. I would recommend Tamie to anyone who feels like they are ready to move forward with their lives and are ready for change. I am extremely satisfied with her services and I am so appreciative for women like her out there helping other women. She is a gift to this world truly."

Ashley McAllister
Full-time student ~ Canada

"Tamie has been and continues to be an amazing source of knowledge and support throughout my journey in recovery. I can’t even imagine getting through a very difficult break up with my long term, narcissistic boyfriend without her help. I was at a point in my life where I was searching for help and support with the abuse I was dealing with. I was under constant stress due to my terrible living conditions. I began joining support groups for recovery from narcissistic abuse on FB and connected with Tamie. I knew that her help was exactly what I needed. She specializes in the issues I needed help with. Beginning the Freedom Class was truly a life saver. I am learning to love myself and gathering the tools I need to work through difficult situations. I am learning so much about myself and finally starting to set boundaries. Something I have needed to do for years but never felt that I had a right to. I know I have a way to go on my recovery journey but I could not have gotten this far without Tamie’s class and coaching. I am now taking time for myself and enjoying a peaceful home. Tamie is such a kind, caring, knowledgeable and supportive person. I would highly recommend her Freedom Class and her coaching to anyone who has suffered the abuse of a narcissist and is ready to begin their road to recovery."

Beth Taylor
Entrepreneur & Animal Rescue Advocate ~ USA

"I am so very pleased with your programs. Massive shifts in my thinking, the ability to set healthy boundaries, and the ease at which I incorporate self-care into my daily routine. I can't begin to explain the quiet confidence I have begun to experience as I learn to embrace my true-self. The Freedom Class is truly life changing! Your course material is very doable and dirt honest. The fact of the matter is, when a person is ready to get down and do the work, there is no longer a reason to keep fooling ourselves. My husband and my children have voiced their pleasant surprise in the shifts that they see occuring in me, our home dynamics, and with the connections I have made with the local entrepreneur community. I am more easily able to step into relationships and situations which would have previously caused considerable discomfort and stalled my momentum. What a treasure it is to unbury myself and step into the truth. All of the courses I have taken with you continue to pay dividends on so many levels. I am enjoying this journey immensely!"

Julie Mumford
Beloved Wife, Mom, & Grandma ~ USA

"Before I met Tamie and signed up for The Freedom Class, I was in a very low place. I was in a toxic, abusive relationship. This was a romantic relationship and it was proving to be very abusive and hurtful. My spirit was low and I felt defeated and lost within the relationship. Outside of the relationship, I was strong and self-assured, fun and confident. But within the relationship, I felt powerless and unimportant. This greatly affected my self-esteem. I felt embarrassed to share my experience with others. For me, this toxicity was showing up in other areas of my life as well, such as at work. Tamie has helped me see why I responded to my ex as a disempowered person. I had experienced so much abuse from my childhood that I would regress to this fearful little girl every time I felt I would make him angry or disappoint him in any way. I had lost so much power in standing up for myself because I was never encouraged as a child to protect myself or stand up for myself. Tamie taught me techniques to help calm me during triggered times so I could get to a clearer state of mind and make a better more empowered choice. She helped me during my struggles of going through love-addiction withdrawal during no contact. I’ll be honest, the love-addiction withdrawal can be brutal. But knowing I can use the methods she teaches, even when my mind is racing and telling me it’s not going to help, has greatly calmed my mind and my nervous system. I’m so thankful for Tamie’s coaching and The Freedom Class. I know this is just the beginning of my journey, and it will be a recovery for me for a while. But knowing I’ve started in the right direction makes me feel better about myself and my future every day. I really, really enjoyed working with Tamie. She tells you EXACTLY what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. Sometimes it’s not an easy pill to take. But for me, codependency causes emotional deafness and blindness. I can’t see through the fog and can’t smell the bullshit for exactly what it is...manipulation, lies, gaslighting, bullshit. Tamie can see through it and helped me see it. She explains clearly what it is and what makes it so. She’s very clear, very compassionate, very understanding, and strong. I feel stronger after going through the first round of her program. I know going through it a second time will boost my internal strength even more. As a result of going through the program, I have become much stronger with maintaining no contact. This was huge for me because I wanted to talk myself out of staying strong nearly every day. The additional results I have received are sleeping much more peacefully. I don’t feel the nervous anxiousness I would feel daily inside the relationship. I’m learning to trust my self. And I’m learning to trust my feelings. I’m learning and really understanding that what I carry inside is what I will attract into my experience like a magnet. So the more I understand this law the more I am allowing myself to become aware of the thoughts and beliefs that have attracted such negative experiences into my life. As Tamie says, if I feel it then it’s true for me. Now even when I have a feeling about something instead of telling myself to ignore the feeling, I say to myself I don’t know what this is about but it must be true for me. Then I take a deep breath and slow down or remove myself. I look forward to seeing the woman I’ll be one year from now. I’m excited to see myself so much farther removed from my current triggers and codependency. I truly believe it will be gone. And I want to live 100% on that level. What I would say to anyone considering signing up for her program is this is the best decision you will make for yourself. If you’ve lived in self-doubt, confusion, and pain, Tamie will help you learn how to grow out of the thinking and stuckness that codependents get trapped in out of fear and guilt. She can help you break free. And she will show you how to do and will not let you fail as long as you do your work and stick with the program. She’s there for you on your successful moments and during your breakdown moments. ~ Regina M."

Regina Miles
Healthcare ~ USA

"Before I found Tamie and The Freedom Class I was, in a word... broken. Enough was enough. My life was falling apart; my marriage was emotionally destructive, my business was struggling and coming to an end and I was in the middle of a lawsuit. I suffered from fear, depression, anxiety and low self-esteem. A friend of mine, knowing my dilemmas in life, came across her program on social media and passed it on. A week later, after my consultation with Tamie, I started the Freedom Class. Through the Freedom Class, I was able to ascertain who I truly am and I started to see the toxic people in my life with their masks off. Understanding my True Self, I have started putting me first, selflessly. I now know who I am, a child of God, made in His image and no one can tell me differently. I can now navigate through life clearer knowing God has a special purpose just for me. I have left several relationships behind and moved forward with those who truly love me for me. Boundaries are being set as I continue this journey daily. Although the timing was perfect for me, I wish I had done this course years ago. Tamie is special: kind, non-judgmental, loving, very knowledgeable, a beautiful soul who truly cares for people. She told me what I needed to hear not what I wanted to hear. She is incredibly intuitive. I looked forward to our sessions every week and learned so much in such a short period of time. The methods she uses helped me put myself first, through God as my lifeline. As a result of going through the program, I am much more confident in who I am, less stressed and anxious, much calmer and more at peace. I have cut my depression meds in half and soon hope to be off them once and for all. Even though I’m still dealing with the turmoil in my life, I am able to deal with it with calmness, clarity and inner guidance through the healing tools Tamie has given me to use. I will use these for life! What I would say to someone who is considering joining The Freedom Class and working with Tamie M is... Just do it. Don’t waste anymore time. If you want healing fast, this course is for you. Tamie made the difference in me making the changes in my life to be happier and healthier. Thank you, Tamie, from the bottom of my heart! ~ Kym H."

Kym Herron Scott
Health Coach and Wellness Consultant ~ Bermuda

"Before starting the Freedom Class, I was dealing with a significant amount of anxiety, depression, and just overall discontent with life in general. I never understood how much of a negative impact my dysfunctional childhood was having on my adult life until starting this class. I was also involved in a very narcissistic and toxic relationship and had no idea how to successfully (I had attempted several times unsuccessfully) end it. I was literally stuck. I was stuck in the relationship but most importantly I was stuck in my own head, totally ignoring my intuition and heart. Working with Tamie has been a Godsend! Also the daughter of an alcoholic parent, I had never heard the term “Wounded Inner Child." Until working with Tamie, I had never given myself permission to be sad or angry regarding my childhood, not to mention things that happened in my adult life as a result of this toxic relationship. Tamie taught me that all feelings were for feeling. I learned that if I didn’t feel all my feelings I could never work through them. Tamie gave me tools that I was able to easily and successfully use to acknowledge feelings, sit in them for a while, and release them so I could move forward. She has been patient and overwhelmingly supportive in the process of my recovery. Tamie is a “straight shooter“, always telling you what you need to hear but doing it with a deep love and kindness that I felt from our very first conversation. She has been so supportive of me and has guided me in the direction to make changes that I needed to have made years ago! Tamie provides support and guidance, recognizing areas of your life that need change, without judgment or condemnation. One of the many things I love about Tamie and her class is that she can relate on a personal level to having a dysfunctional family of origin. Personal experience truly does make the best teacher. Recovery from a toxic relationship, but most importantly, learning how to heal your wounded inner child is an ongoing, lifelong process. Tamie has given me the tools to start putting my needs first for the first time in my life and also to set healthy boundaries with those people I invite in my life. Being an empath, I had never realized the importance of healthy boundaries. After working with Tamie, I have a clear and concise list of non-negotiables that I refuse to allow in my life... EVER again. Tamie has also taught me that it’s okay to be completely unapologetic about setting those boundaries and putting myself first. I now know that the word “No” is a complete sentence with no explanation necessary. As a result of Tamie’s class and coaching, I have started exercising again, feel much less depressed, and have experienced much fewer periods of anxiety. I am in the process of achieving the happy, fulfilling, and PEACEFUL life I’ve always deserved! To anyone who is thinking about working with Tamie, I’d say “You don’t stumble upon her name and this class by accident." I truly believe that she was placed in my life at the perfect and exact time I needed her. You will not be disappointed! I had been involved in therapy prior to this class, but the tools Tamie teaches and how she approaches the content of her course is nothing short of life-changing. ~ Shannon N."

Shannon Natole
Nurse ~ USA

"I was stuck in a cycle that seemed to be very similar to narcissistic abuse, narcissistic traits in my husband, and domestic violence. I was allowing people in his family to treat me really negatively. I was a scapegoat for his family, my family of origin, including my own adult children, and never knew it. I was controlled by codependency so deeply rooted I had no idea I was hurting myself. Tamie and The Freedom Class have helped me by leaps and bounds. Not just me but my husband too! I remember her saying in the very beginning that he will see me level up and want some of that. His chains definitely broke simply by me understanding myself, my childhood trauma, my codependency issues, and learning just how valuable I really am. I now quickly identify when someone is sucker-punching me (psychological mistreatment in my own words), and I immediately and ethically stand up for myself. It’s great!! I love how my relationship with God is so much clearer now too!! I loved meeting with Tamie every week. She has a way of being truthful for my own good. I truly needed someone like her in my life. I’m constantly going back to all of the tools she laid at me feet to get stronger, more knowledgeable about who I am, and her awesome truth bombs that come in many forms. The results I have received is knowing who I am, knowing what happened to me as a child, and understanding why people treated me negatively for so long. I am now encompassing myself with a circle of men and women who treat me good 90% of the time and the rest can kick rocks with love! The best part I am ok with it!!! If you're considering joining her program I would say get ready for your life to change in very little time!! It’s going to be great and it will be the best investment in yourself you have ever made! ~ Juliet P."

Juliet Partida
Management ~ USA

"When I signed up for The Freedom Class I was in the middle of a divorce from a narcissist. I have learned so much from Tamie and The Freedom Class. I have grown tremendously as a person, and this class has been a true blessing as I have traveled the journey of my divorce and learned how to deal with a destructive narcissist. Tamie is compassionate, smart, and intuitive. She met me on the road of my journey and traveled it with me. I appreciated her candid honesty and her ability to point out where I was and where I needed to grow. Her life experiences have equipped her to truly connect with the students in her class. I learned that my inner child was deeply wounded and needed to be healed. I learned that the number one person in my life should be me. I learned to love myself. In doing so, I have been able to show/teach others how to love me by establishing boundaries in relationships and communicating my wants and needs. I learned that self-care is of vital importance to my well-being. I also learned some very important strategies in how to deal with a destructive narcissist. I would tell anyone considering joining The Freedom Class that it is one of the best investments you will ever make in yourself. I would also say that this class is a game-changer for those who have been married to or have been in a relationship with a narcissist. If you cannot define what it means to love yourself first, this is the place to learn how to do so. The Freedom Class is well worth the time and money. It is hands-down the best class for those needing to heal from past trauma and grow into peace and happiness."

Janet Epstein
Educator ~ USA

"When I signed up for The Freedom Class, I was once again going through the ending of another very toxic relationship. What I didn't know is why this kept happening to me. And it seemed nobody understood me. I didn't even understand myself which was the biggest issue. Tamie helped me with the healing of my wounded inner child from childhood traumas. I also discovered that I am an empath and what that means for me, as prior to the program I was not taking care of myself in a way that I needed and deserved. Working with Tamie was very comfortable and encouraging. If I entered with a negative comment about myself, she quickly reminded me that we would be focusing on the positives because we've already had enough negatives thrown at us. She taught me that being a highly empathic person is not a negative thing, but rather, we are strong, sensitive people meant to carry a high vibration of light and love! As a result of going through The Freedom Class program, I'm much more accepting and loving towards myself and realize I am as deserving of love and respect as the next person. If someone doesn't see that, then that's their thing, not mine. I've learned about boundaries and self-care. I've been given the necessary tools to continue using throughout the years as my healing journey continues and evolves. For anyone considering signing up for The Freedom Class, I would highly recommend it! I've heard for years that I needed to work on healing my inner child, but was never given the opportunity to do so in traditional talk therapy. I am grateful to Tamie for her help and encouragement throughout the program. It was very motivating to know she'd been through similar situations and come so far with her own personal healing work. The program really works wonders!!"

Teresa Owen
Teacher ~ USA

"When I began the course I was in one of the best, safest, most peaceful, joyful places I can ever remember, yet still knew there were layers to get through and more Freedom available to me. I'm a life long learner. I have a background in psychology, self development, and life coaching, as well as having been the 'patient' in countless counselling sessions, support groups, and courses in more recent years. The only reason I share any of that is to give context when I say that The Freedom Class has been one of the best of my life. The Content, Flow, Confidence, Competence, Involvement, Assignments, Passion, and Pace were all so well thought out, and both masterfully prepared and presentented. If you're looking for clear, concise, competent coaching from someone who wants nothing more than your healing and happiness, then The Freedom Class is it! Not only is it the best content, flow, and engagement, Tamie's confidence balanced with her compassion has you feeling like this is not material she simply knows, but has lived and survived. This class is her hand extended. I sure hope you take it. Just a big Bravo! I had high expectations of this class and generally that can lead to some level of disappointment. That could not have been further from the truth in this case. I let myself be a believing, eager student throughout and I so appreciated the self-study pace where I could flow through or linger longer where needed. I feel such an increase in both capacity and clarity and I can't think of two greater gifts. Thank You!"

Ariana Kane
CEO of Joy Junkie ~ Canada

"When I signed up for The Freedom Class I was still slightly entangled with my narcissistic abuser of more than 30 years. I was ready to permanently let him go. I didn't quite know how to properly do that. The Freedom Class has helped me tremendously. I stayed entangled with my narcissistic abuser for more than 30 years because I believed that forgiving him meant that I had to accept him back in my life. Because of this belief, I constantly allowed this man to walk in and out of my life at his own leisure for over 30 years. Every time I knew I was done with the relationship and I would leave or he would leave me, then I was constantly reminded that I needed to forgive him to move on. Then I kept thinking how can I move on when I kept accepting him back in my life because I forgave him but he never changes. That is when I knew I needed professional help with how to leave him forever and still forgive him. I thank God for Tamie's Freedom Class. I did not know that forgiveness and allowing someone back in your life was not the same thing. I did not know that every time I accepted my narcissistic abuser back in my life, that I was abusing my own self. Because of The Freedom Class I now know that I can properly heal and be free. I realize that because of this long term abuse I sustained, that my healing is a lifelong process and I always have to protect myself because I am a full blown empath. Thank you Tamie!!! As a result of going through the program, I am healing. I am stronger. I have truly forgiven my narcissistic abuser of over 30 years, and I have truly forgiven my narcissistic family members. I love my narcissistic family members from a distance. I realize that everything happens for a reason, that there are no accidents or coincidences in this life. If I hadn't gone through this pain, I would not be the spiritually strong person I am today. No matter what man does to us or against us, they are not our enemies. Man is our teacher. The support I recieved while going through The Freedom Class Self-Paced prgram was excellent. What I would say to anyone considering signing up is that it is worth it and to go for it! Much gratitude, blessings and thanks to Tamie!"

Felicia Lawson
Former RN/LPN

"When I signed up for The Freedom Class Self-Paced program, I was really confused in my relationships, especially with my family of origin. I kept entering into toxic friendships and workplaces and feeling guilty for moving on. The Freedom Class helped me to understand dysfunctional relationship patterns and how to avoid them. I am learning to put myself first and heal. This program taught me about self-care, self-love, self-protection, self-esteem, and self-compassion. It has helped me to feel whole. As a result of going through the program, I have increased self-confidence and feel free to be my authentic self - unapologetically. The support I received while going through the program was excellent! What I would say to anyone considering signing up for the program is this is the best investment you will ever make in yourself. Tamie has done a phenomenal job in developing the Freedom Class. It is well-researched, comprehensive and healing. It has provided the clarity I was seeking and helped me to free the limiting beliefs that have held me back."

Sanjana Bhatia
Lawyer ~ Canada

"Before I signed up for The Freedom Class, I was at a deeply unhappy place in my life. I had a feeling of despair and hopelessness. Tamie and The Freedom Class have made a profound difference in my understanding of myself, my past, my life as a whole, as well as how I can transform my future by learning how to heal from my past and love myself for the first time in my life. The tools that I've been provided with are of great value in transforming my existence. I highly recommend Tamie M Coaching and the Freedom Class. Working with Tamie has been extremely powerful. She always comes from a place of love. She provides a safe place to learn and to grow, and this experience has been epic for me. I've been learning how to love, accept, and forgive myself. I've learned to reframe past experiences in a therapeutic manner. I've learned how to feel and deal with past hurts in a way to finally let go of them in a healthy way, so that I can live my best life, regardless of what others around me have to say. If you do join the program, go into it with an open mind and an open heart. Be prepared to learn and be prepared to do the necessary work. The more you dive into the program, do the exercises and attend the sessions, the more you will get out if it. It's all so worth it, as I see it, because we deserve to be happy and have a peaceful and enriching life during our time on planet earth. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Tamie! I am extraordinary grateful for you and this amazing and transformational program. And thank you, even further, for working with me and believing in me, even way before I was able to believe in myself!"

Denise Gottlieb
Retired Federal Government Worker ~ USA

"When I signed up for The Freedom Class I was trying to understand why my marriage wasn't working. Tamie M Coaching and The Freedom Class have helped me own my story and start healing. As a result of going through the program, I've become more compassionate and understanding of myself. The support I received while going through The Freedom Class Self-Paced program was excellent. What I would say to anyone who is considering joining The Freedom Class and working with Tamie is GO FOR IT! It was great that the lessons can be downloaded as audio."

Mandy Samatebele
Entrepreneur ~ Zambia

"When I joined The Freedom Class I was beginning to detach from a couple of family members, but with great trepidation. I thought I was "bad" for doing so, and I joined Tamie's class to get some validation. The most powerful lesson from the class was the exercise in discovering my unconscious relationship patterns. I read and reread the summary I created as a result of that exercise, and it unlocked a mystery I'd been struggling with for years. Now I'm prepared to seek out relationships that are the direct opposite of this pattern, and to walk away from any situation that seems to perpetuate my former pattern. As a result of going through the program, I have gained total peace. I can enjoy my own company, and I'm no longer plagued by incessant rumination over my past relationships. I feel secure in myself and more confident than I have felt in my entire life. I'm beginning to attract considerate friends who share my interests, and I am looking forward to building more and more intimate relationships based on my renewed relationship with myself. The support I received while going through the program was excellent. This class is ideal for someone who is ready to look within and discover, heal, and transform unhealthy patterns. As a result of doing the work in these modules, you will begin to create meaningful and fulfilling relationships that are all a reflection of the improved relationship you begin having with yourself. This class is a critical step on a recovering person's soul journey, and I can't recommend it highly enough. Thank you for the support I continue to receive through follow-up emails from Tamie's team. They are a delight to work with."

Jamey Burho
Researcher ~ USA

"When I signed up for The Freedom Class I felt stuck in my life. I would constantly attract narcissists and bullies and I didn't know what I was doing wrong to keep drawing them to me. It was like a moth to a flame. I let them walk all over me and I would be the one that would feel guilty if I Iet them down. Life was hard and stressful dealing with them. The freedom class has helped me in so many ways. One thing I have learned about myself was that I was codependent and that I was highly empathic. These were the reasons why I was attracting energy vampires. It's kinda funny because before I did the program I would have told you I felt like a child in an adult's body. I now LITERALLY understand why I felt that way. Being codependent had stunted my adult growth. Another reason why I could never feel like I could ever stand up to people. Thanks to the program I was taught how to create strong boundaries and that I shouldn't feel guilty. I still have a lot of work to do in terms of healing but I feel I am growing up and I am calmer in myself. I used to react quite easily and I now know I need to do the opposite which is calmly respond to the person. Tamie is so supportive and honest which I love. Tamie teaches you what I think a lot of children should be taught at from young age. It has changed my way of thinking and has me feeling emotionally stronger. It has opened my eyes to a lot of things and I had a lot of light bulb moments. I feel like I am transitioning every day and that's thanks to the program. The support I received while going through the program was excellent. What I would say to anyone considering joining the program is I had my concerns that I would be paying a lot of money and not get much out of the program but honestly it is worth every penny. It's a life changing experience. Your life will feel more at peace. It's an investment worth making as it's investment to yourself. Take the time to do the work as you will get a lot out of it. Just thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Noelle Brennan
Digital Marketer ~ Ireland

"When I signed up for The Freedom Class and coaching with Tamie I was experiencing great success in my career. I had already been no contact with my narcissistic family, but I would still get triggered easily and I had no love life in sight. By working with Tamie, I learned about my wounded inner child and that everything that I feel and experience is a normal reaction due to the abuse I endured as a child. I am working through my triggers to not react negatively. I am now in the beginning stages of a relationship with a normal, healthy, emotionally intelligent man who adores me and I adore him! I never had self esteem when it came to intimate relationships to attract a decent man. Now I do! Working with Tamie was great! She is a self assured, take-charge woman who has come a long way in her life, and is a savvy businesswoman who is using her experience to help others. Since doing the work of the program I am sleeping so much better. I am more confident in my relationships, especially romantically. What I would say to anyone thinking of signing up for the program is it is the best money you will ever spend! Do it!"

Tara Cook
Realtor ~ USA

"When I joined The Freedom Class I was frightened and scared of my mother. Tamie and her program have helped me in soooo many ways. I am still working through implementing my boundaries and not quite ready to do the work linked to module eight, but this course has been invaluable. Thank you Tamie! Apparently I’m changing since going through the program, and less likely to put up with things. I am also actively working on my self-esteem and will no doubt revisit the course lots more. The support I received while going through the program was excellent! If you're dealing with a narcissist in your life - then this course is a must. Thank you Tamie for emailing me whenever I had questions."

Lara Ayris
Environmental Consultant ~ United Kingdom

"When I joined The Freedom Class I was frustrated with a lot of my relationships. The program helped me in the following ways: Discernment of unsafe people. Owning my own stuff. Boundary setting. Responding rather than reacting. Realizing who I am. Real practical tools dealing with the narcissistic people in my life. Grey rock. Self care. Creating a support system. As a result of going through the program, I am able to observe others' behaviors and decide if they will be detrimental to me. I am less reactive. More calm. I have a tool box now of low emotional responses for toxic people. I have identified and have gone very low contact with certain narcissists. I’m more loving toward myself. I will take care of myself. I do things I enjoy. I have more respect from my husband. The support I received while going through the program was excellent! What I would say to anyone considering signing up for The Freedom Class is do the work. It is well worth the money. Thank you, Tamie!"

Linda Paolucci
Independent Contractor ~ USA

"When I joined The Freedom Class I was about 1 year into learning about how my family of origin was unhealthy. Tamie's program helped me realize a way forward. In a way it's like I was blind before, but now I see. I am able to recognize what is, and what is not my responsibility. It is very helpful and validating. It helped me deal with an incredibly challenging situation. Thank you for doing this."

David Lovejoy
Management Consultant ~ Canada

"When I signed up for The Freedom Class I was seeing a therapist who was telling me to "grow up.... and....what are you, five years old?" I was heading into the holidays and knew I wouldn't be able to overcome and transcend the emotional conflict that I was experiencing. I had ended with that therapist. I started getting sick with arthritis/fibromyalgia. I signed up for the program as I had watched Tamie's YouTube presentations and thought she'd be the right teacher for me. As a result, I have had a very deep process of discovering my unresolved issues of childhood. I have answered my questions about why I was stuck and increasingly vulnerable over time. By combining the EFT with inner-child work, I have changed my relationship between my conscious and sub-conscious. I have new policies regarding my acceptance, understanding, love and forgiveness of myself. I now do not avoid or fear my process of encountering and negotiating with my inner self. I have improved my self care. I do not grieve as much over others' decision to exclude me. I won't be working on my relationships with my abusers at all. I live in my own head, think my own thoughts and I don't refer so much to other people's thinking. I feel lighter, brighter, warmer, more independent, and my health has improved. Initially, I was reluctant to do group coaching because I am quite introverted. Once I asked a personal question or two, I felt validated and understood very deeply. I now know how to help myself, and I feel I am on the road to recovery. I would encourage anyone who is looking into the program to investigate it. I am very glad that I took the course."

Elinor Hopkins
Clinical Social Worker ~ USA

"In my life, I had been doing a lot of work and modalities. I had been in therapy for a year and a half. I had a traumatic childhood and have been suffering from anxiety and PTSD. When I saw The Freedom Class coaching program I had just separated from a husband of 26 years who is an alcoholic and has textbook narcissistic personality disorder. He has been abusive in many ways. The Freedom Class has so much information and is put in a way that is so helpful. The energy healing modality she teaches moved things very quickly and got down to deeper levels. I had used this modality a little before but not on a daily basis. During the program, I also started feeling my feelings on a much deeper level. Although I didn't want to journal because I thought it would take too much time it was very helpful to see things on paper and what would come out freewriting. Prior to signing up for The Freedom Class, I had been dealing with an issue for about 8 years, and although I knew the issue I was in no way ready to face it, deal with it, and really feel it and be able to move forward. I was stuck in the fantasy that I was wrong and any minute I could go back to my life I had. I was in denial. Doing the work of the program I faced it, dealt with it, and moved on emotionally! Now when I feel something come up instead of distracting myself I feel it, really feel it, and try to figure out what to do about it. Most of the time it's just letting it go. The support I received while going through the Self-Paced version of the program was excellent. What I would say to anyone considering joining The Freedom Class is it's definitely worth the work. You will see results! Tamie M is amazing in the way she structured the program and how straightforward she is. I love all her videos, they are so informative and helpful!"

Business Owner ~ USA

"I'm not sure if I even know where I was when I signed up for The Freedom Class. It was such a dark, lonely place. I think back at that time and wonder how I managed to be present when I was at work. It was a very overwhelming time for me. I know that I was a mess. Trying to explain what was happening with me was nearly impossible. I signed up for the free 1:1 consultation. I was so impressed that Tamie herself called to talk to me for the free 1:1 consultation. I had been very impressed with her YouTube videos. I love her "no nonsense" approach. That is an attribute I love and can relate to. From the first call with Tamie, I immediately felt like finally someone really knew what I was going through and that help was actually possible. That seems like a lifetime ago. In some ways I think it was. Then I started the Freedom Class. While doing the modules and assignments there were times that I got stuck in an assignment or was confused about something discussed in a module. If I reached out to Tamie, she would reply personally and help me. If I sent Tamie an email, she would immediately respond, explaining everything in detail to help me get through that module and encouraging me the entire time. I kept doing my morning rituals and assignments and very slowly started seeing a difference. Not only seeing a difference in myself, but also becoming more educated on narcissistic abuse, terminology and concepts. Like Tamie says in her videos and in The Freedom Class, "you've got to do the work." I am still a work in progress. I still have a lot of work to do. But with Tamie M and the Freedom Class I know that I can reach out to her or go back to any module at any time and continue my healing work. That's priceless!! Thank you so much, Tamie. You truly are a lifesaver. As a result of going through the program, I am able to think clearly now. I can't begin to explain what a relief that is. I am able to spot and recognize the gas-lighting, word salad and lies that I am constantly bombarded with. I have been given the knowledge of when to respond or not respond, along with how to respond during conflicts. All of this information is necessary to begin healing. Once armed with the knowledge, I felt more confident putting it to use. That's when I was able to start on the healing work. Doing my morning ritual, meditation and assignments was calming. It allowed me to slow my mind down. The Freedom Class showed me how to see the correlation between my highly empathic nature and how that has affected every relationship in my life. I am so much more confident in what I want and don't want in my life. I can see it clearly now. The support I received while going through the program was excellent! What I would say to anyone thinking about joining the program is absolutely do it!! You will never regret it. Tamie will help you along the way. Her community is fantastic. Thank you, Tamie. Thank you for your support, kindness and love. I honestly don't know where I would be right now, if I hadn't found Tamie and The Freedom Class."

Gloria Fooks
Administrative Assistant ~ USA

"When I signed up for The Freedom Class I was confused!! I just simply could NOT make sense of the dynamics that had and still were taking place in my relationship with my husband. I sought to understand by reading, going to counseling, and working at being the best in ALL of the roles I chose as a wife, mother, homemaker and employee. My best efforts failed to bring success in my marriage. I was concerned that he was maybe developing dementia in his early 60's. He rolled up an electric car window on my finger, turned a shopping cart unexpectedly into my right hip, and was focusing on everything else but his driving. I went in for my annual physical and mentioned my concerns about my husband to my doctor. My doctor's response was to focus on MYSELF. Best advice I ever got from any professional, let alone the mental health professionals I had seen. A plethora of information fell into my lap, including Tamie M. Joyce. I came across the term "narcissistic." Then, Tamie popped up on my FB feed. OMG, suddenly, everything made sense. I instantly asked for a phone interview to see if I was a good fit for Tamie's program. For the first time in my life, I felt understood. We both spoke the same language. That was only the beginning!! I diligently completed Tamie's program seeking to understand and be understood. I cried many a times. Nobody else really heard what I was describing, nor did they identify the behavioral dynamics taking place. Tamie's program and honesty gave me hope for the first time in my life. I again worked on myself to learn and then heal my dysfunctional role in the relationship. I knew my husband's thinking was beyond anything I could possibly understand let alone have a positive impact on. I learned that NPD is a real mental health disorder that CANNOT be fixed, only managed, if he was willing to do the work. He does NOT recognize his issue. He believes that our problems were and still are caused by my crazy, lazy, stupid, selfish thinking. I just could not put my finger on what the actual issue was until Tamie shined her beautiful light on me. It's so hard to express how sincerely I am grateful for Tamie and her program and recommended reading. I reread the book "Women Who Love Too Much" with greater understanding. I continue to work at seeking to understand myself. "Women Who Love Too Much" clearly identifies the problems, relationship dynamics and healing steps in my role. Tamie and this book confirm for me that I am moving in the right direction in taking the time to prepare for changes in my life of my choosing and those beyond my control. First and foremost I must heal in order to make healthy choices that are in my best interest. Staying physically safe with my narcissistic husband is very challenging and necessary at all times. I learn and assert myself with boundaries that keep me safe. His part is to respect my boundaries. I respond accordingly. The process of this program is empowering. The support I received while going through The Freedom Class Self-Paced program was excellent. What I would say to anyone who is considering joining The Freedom Class is JUST DO IT! It's worth the time, effort and cost! Tamie, keep teaching. The world needs healed, healthy, whole individuals. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Much love to you, Tamie!"

Deborah Halsey
Retired Legal Secretary ~ USA

"When I signed up for The Freedom Class I was well on my path for self-discovery and spiritual connection through 40 years of reading, journaling, meditating, praying, and spiritual support. I had completed workshops/courses through many mentors, including Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, Terri Cole (author of Boundary Boss), and Brene Brown. I had participated in 12-step programs since 1991, including Al-Anon and CODA. I was a highly functional recovering codependent who was well-versed in boundaries, effective communication, self-care, and relationships. However, there was still something missing. I still felt empty. Numb at times. I needed to go deeper into self-recovery. I found Tamie M Joyce, who specialized in codependency, adult child syndrome, and narcissistic abuse recovery and the effects of these on relationships with oneself and with others. This class provided a safe place to FINALLY get to the real source of my pain and dysfunctional codependent behaviors by exposing all of my emotional wounding and raw debilitating fears. For decades (40 years!) I had been working on ME - and this included raising my emotional awareness. I learned how to express emotions, communicate them, and manage them all through teachings, daily readings, affirmations, meditation, and prayer - guided by amazing mentors (like Melodie Beattie, Brene Brown, Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, Esther Hicks, and Maryann Williamson). Because of these I was able to label and manage feelings of pressure. Feeling overwhelmed. Feeling like I didn't fit in. Feeling less-than. Feeling disappointed. Feeling anxious. Feeling responsible. Feeling discouraged. I pretty much associated those emotions with my life as a codependent. I took on tools to recover from the classic behaviors and emotions that come with codependency like control, people-pleasing, over-functioning, and perfection. It helped a lot - and I felt like I had a handle of my emotional wellness. I felt like I had a handle on healthier relationships. I felt like I had a handle on life. BUT I DIDN'T. Not until I went deeper to even heavier and core feelings that underlay all of the above. That is what I was missing. No matter how functional I had become, I was still IN DENIAL about how childhood trauma impacted my core. For 60 years I was "protected." My pain was buried with painful memories of what really happened. My soul knew it. Which is why I had to get deeper to get to my Truth. Through the Freedom Class, I was finally able to understand - WHAT HAPPENED TO ME; how traumatic and unfair it was; that I literally had nothing to do with it; and, that NO HUMAN DESERVES what I experienced. In my newfound clarity and perspective, I wasn't as afraid to deal with the emotional wounds. For the first time, I felt safe enough to explore what injustice can do to a child, like me. I felt safe, for the first time, to feel the heavy emotional wounding (without feeling that it would kill me and that I would not come out on the other side). What surfaced when I finally felt safe? Terrifying raw fears and feelings of TOTAL DESPERATION, including my raw fear of staying alive/surviving. Extreme feelings of betrayal. Abandonment. Rejection. Unrelenting anger. Sadness. Shame. These emotions were much scarier to deal with than the ones listed above, like disappointment and feeling overwhelmed. They felt life-threatening. But, these were the ones that HAD to surface for true freedom to live an authentic life. I now realize that the emotions listed above that I DID deal with (for decades) were sourced from my underlying core emotional wounds and fears. No matter what I tried to do to deal with the emotions listed above, they would NEVER have completely gone away - until I was free of the core wounding. I don't care HOW GOOD I was with codependent recovery. In the safe environment of the Freedom Class, that little girl FINALLY got the courage to realize and accept all of this. AND, more important, tell somebody. Somebody who listened. Once those core, driving, raw emotions were out, she came out. Free. Tamie is great. Compassionate but direct. She isn't afraid to tell it like it is - but she does it with a softness and with no apology or over-justification - which makes it so authentic. She has been through this stuff - experienced it first hand. I needed that. I needed someone who truly understood my fears and issues - but who was at least 3 steps ahead of me in emotional awareness, mental clarity, and spiritual connection. For me, the coach-client connection was enhanced because of her spiritual faith in a Higher Power - aligned with how I see life and the Universe. She is truly the Light that illuminated my path. I now fully understand who I am - and how I got here. I can honestly say that I have fully mastered self-love at the age of 64. I suppose I am a testimony to "It is never too late to grow up to be a healthy, functional adult. I am no longer afraid to feel a full range of emotions - and can experience and express them without past triggers and fears. For the first time in my life I can honestly look at myself in the mirror and feel proud - at peace - and know that I will protect and love who I truly am at all costs, never sacrificing that love for anyone or anything outside of myself. I literally have become the love of my life. With the self-love, I can move higher to live as a SUPER EMPATH - strong, with power, and healthy love. I am truly excited about all of my future contributions to others and the world around me. Through the Freedom Class, I had to face and accept all of me - including my past dysfunctional behaviors of control, people pleasing, perfection. Once I did, I could release them and take on more functional, balanced ways to live. I had the courage to release toxic relationships - those that no longer serve me - and replace them with healthy functional relationships. The Freedom Class has given me radical knowledge about the full-spectrum of narcissism - why I attracted narcissists in my life - and even how narcissistic traits play out in my own life. It has given me tools and communication styles to deal with narcissism and toxic relationships. What I would say to anyone considering joining The Freedom Class is this class isn't for the faint of heart - it takes deep dives into deep fears. It's scary. It's overwhelming at times. But it is all necessary to break through the Truth - to get one out of denial and pain, and free from the dysfunctional coping strategies we take on to survive. Don’t sign up if you aren’t willing to do the work. I would also tell you to be patient. It took me decades to get where I was. I couldn't expect to get it all cleaned up in weeks. Going back and redoing the modules is critical. The information offers something new each time because of readiness and timing and increased awareness. With this growth in emotional and mental clarity, I feel ready to take off - and tune into my spiritual gifts to my world. I am excited to see what the future holds."

Pixie Hamilton
Retired Engineer ~ USA

"In my life, before I found and met Tamie I was three words: A WHOLE MESS. I had a flourishing career, was "busy" all the time, had people in my life who loved me... but I was also so unwell in my spirit and in some of my relationships. I was a magnet for destructive narcissistic personality types (as I have been my whole life), in large part because I did not know who THEY were, but also because I had no idea who I was either. I "sensed" I was different, that I carried light and wanted goodness - but I was clueless about how powerful I really am. This, in part, was because of YEARS (a lifetime really) of the damage from narcissistic abuse, and also, because I had become so accustomed to playing small; shrinking myself down so that others around me would feel big and validated. I was too busy protecting the fragile egos of those around me who were sick with NPD. I was on YouTube trying to learn everything I could about NPD, what it looked like, what the cycle was, what were the vocabulary terms, how to implement the tools like 'no contact', fighting, gaslighting, truth-telling, and gray rocking. I DESPERATELY needed direction and help as I was trying to self-heal (although I did not know those terms and I actually didn't know WHAT exactly I needed). I felt broken and afraid and alone... but I also had this little whisper in the back of my head saying that I was supposed to FIGHT. I just didn't know how or who to fight and how to go about healing. Tamie and The Freedom Class helped me SO MUCH with that. Listening to Tamie gave me the knowledge and the direction I needed. First and foremost Tamie helped me by seeing me and understanding EXACTLY what I was experiencing. I have been in therapy for some time but found that many traditional therapists were not aware of the ravages of NPD. I often felt either "not believed" or misunderstood, even in the most helpful of therapy sessions. Tamie SAW ME! She understood PRECISELY what I was experiencing. To the "T" (no pun intended). When I saw her first YouTube video my mouth was wide open with how PRECISELY she was describing my pain, my experience and my situation. Because I personally believe NPD to be some kind of dark spirit, it made sense to me that others behaved the same way... but to hear Tamie lay out my experiences VALIDATED ME. Then came the tools. Even in her YouTube videos, Tamie was dishing out practical, real advice in a way that said: "I am not playing any games," this is serious and you need to listen. Her no-nonsense approach to the darkness that is destructive narcissism made me think - "Yo! This Queen is NOT PLAYING!!!" Better said, Tamie's strength, GAVE ME STRENGTH. Strength to figure out what was happening with me - and to me; strength to admit what ' I ' had done to allow the abuse (not setting solid, non-negotiable boundaries, not loving myself, not looking into the wounds of my inner child). I needed strength to look at these things IN TRUTH, and listening to Tamie strengthened me. It strengthened me so much so that I signed up for The Freedom Class! It has been one of the single BEST investments I have EVER made! I am able to re-watch the videos, take new notes and give myself the permission and power to really, truly heal because of Tamie and what she has taught me. I have a ways to go but Tamie and The Freedom Class opened a window for me. Working with Tamie has been tremendous. It has NOT been easy. Tamie is no-nonsense and she is not about the "coddle" business. No sir, no ma'am. But she sets her boundaries with love and goodness and light and truth. She models the behavior of setting boundaries and setting expectations that you are going to participate in your own healing. Tamie is a TRUE, TRUE truth teller and there is strong expectation that you are going "do the work" and help yourself. I love that and I have needed that! After years of abuse and hurt (from narcissistic parents and partners), it would have been easy to play the victim. Some days it still is. I have been guilty of that - playing the victim - I am working on this still. However, Tamie's process (and the way The Freedom Class works), EMPOWERS me to HELP MYSELF in such a way that there simply is NO ROOM for victim playing. That doesn't mean there isn't compassion and empathy. There is compassion and understanding in SPADES from Tamie and her team... but working with her has taught me to STAND UP FOR MYSELF. To TELL THE TRUTH to myself and those around me at all times. Tamie is reachable, she is a connector and she is who she says she is. In a world of fakes, phonies, mask-wearers and liars ,working with someone TRUE... who really cares has been a gift from The Lord. I came to Tamie weeping and weak. I have gotten strength to focus on my healing. I have gained SO MUCH knowledge and understanding of my past, my original traumas and how to keep myself on the healing path. I am not healed. I would be lying to saying that I am. But what is truth is that I am on the strongest path to healing that I have EVER been on due to listening to Tamie and being a part of her community and going thru the Freedom Class. (because of my faith, I attribute all this God, I HONESTLY believe He led me to Tamie). I have also begun this new, eye-opening and FREEING process of loving myself!! Loving myself was distant to me. I would hear people say that phrase and roll my eyes. But Tamie and this program have taught me that I MUST, I simply MUST love myself. I owe it to myself - to LOVE MYSELF! This has been so powerful. Learning to love myself has helped me to set the boundaries, take NO MESS, get paid what I'm worth, demand that I am treated the way I deserve, and I stay in NO SITUATION that is disrespectful or harmful to me in anyway. I also now have SO MANY TOOLS. Oh my goodness. SO MANY tools. Tools I had never known about before Tamie that have helped. These are tools that have taught me and that I can use regularly. What I would say to someone considering joining The Freedom Class is this: If you found Tamie, I believe that you were potentially looking for help and hope and healing. Its hard to just "stumble" on someone like Tamie. Something brought you to her. If that "something" is hurt, harm, trauma, abuse and then you owe it to yourself to be compassionate with yourself. If you have been thru ANY form of "situation-ship" with someone who has displayed behaviors that are narcissistic and destructive, then you have most likely have been harmed. Let Tamie help you. Do this for yourself. We're living in a world that is getting darker and darker by the day in this age / this time that we are in. Those of us who are empathetic and want to live in a peaceful, loving way need strength and courage to do so. We need strength and courage to heal. If you think that is you, let Tamie help you. Do this for yourself... you won't regret it and I absolutely believe that you will set yourself on the path to healing. I truly do. I am SUPER SKEPTICAL about folks on the internet. Maybe you are too. But I can attest FIRST HAND that Tamie is the real freakin' deal. She is helper. She is a healer and she has made me feel safe while I learned from her. I am sending you light and love and healing if you are reading this. Tamie is just awesome! She is a gift this world and I believe - with my whole heart -- that she was born for this time! She's no nonsense (do get that straight, lol). Her program is NOT hearts and flowers and gum drops. There is work to be done... but if you can lean into it there is SO MUCH hope and healing to be had. Tamie is also FUNNY!! She is hilarious and welcoming and caring and honest. She's smart and conscientious. I trust her very much. She has been very good and kind to me, and I thank God for her -- and her program!"

Gigi Gilliard
Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging Coach ~ USA

"Before I found Tamie M Coaching and signed up for The Freedom Class, I was repeatedly attracted to narcissistic people and stuck in relationships with them going around in circles. I also had anger issues and negative self-talk. As a result of going through the program, I now feel more confident with the choices I make in life, especially with people. I have emotionally matured as a person. Working with Tamie was amazing. Tamie presents herself really well in her YouTube videos, and inside the course, she is just the same, and even more personable. It was a pleasure speaking to her one on one. My emotional self awareness has gone through the roof. I'm less attracted to narcissistic people now. Less angry, more relaxed and confident in my choices. What I would say to anyone considering joining the program is if you find it helpful or entertaining watching Tamie's YouTube videos, then you will likely find it even more helpful joining her Freedom Class, as long as you complete the work. I just want to say thanks to Tamie and her team for being of such support during this important period of my life where I am trying to forge new business connections with people in the field of media where I work."

Matthew Titley
Media Content Creator ~ United Kingdom

"When I signed up for The Freedom Class with Tamie I was struggling to recover from a relationship with a malignant narcissist. I had been learning about narcissism but not understanding deeply co-dependency and my own huge lack of boundaries from a dysfunctional family of origin. I'm actually going back through every module again. I've found that doing the work of The Freedom Class program uncovers buried traumas and insight into myself. There are definitely layers being discovered and healed. I now understand the wounds in me and my coping mechanisms that made me a perfect target for a narcissist. The program has helped me become empowered with more self-worth and self-esteem, realizing I can get above and out of the patterns of relationships that did not serve me well. I also better understand the repeated patterns in several relationships that did, indeed, get worse everytime, as well as the worst betrayal and hurt that led to me working on myself and not being a victim of my codependency. I now know that setting boundaries is a requirement for a healthy, happy relationship! Tamie is very approachable, and no BS about it. She pushes you to do the work and doesn't candy coat the tough work of getting healed and getting healthy. She is very candid and open with her own life which helps make you feel comfortable sharing your journey As a result of going through the program I sleep better, have less self judgement, and understand that self-care is not selfish. I also have stronger boundaries in relationships, and my eyes are wide open to unhealthy patterns and doing the work to break them. What I would say to anyone considering joining the program is DO IT!! Be kind to yourself, but be tough. If you want to really change your life, you have to do the work! Keep going even if you're struggling and use the coaching calls when you need some support. Thank you, for the useful tools you've given me and the ongoing access to the modules. I'm not finished working on myself but I am so much more aware! Going back through on a daily basis!"

Elizabeth Huntzberry ~ USA
Office Manager, Massage Therapist, Reiki Master

"Before signing up for The Freedom Class, I had just left my narcissistic partner of 10 years and I was in deep grief. I needed to manage the deep and overwhelming grief that came as part of surviving narcissistic abuse. The waves of pain were almost unbearable and applying EFT really helped. Tamie’s coaching also helped me understand and accept that this kind of grief is an observable pattern after separating from a narcissist. Step by step, I was able to look back and understand where I was vulnerable to narcissistic abuse and why. Eventually, the class guided me to uncover an underlying dynamic pattern specific to myself, not just a generalized piece of information, and that changed my perspective permanently. Tamie is very logical and thoughtful. She is very patient and kind; but keeps good boundaries. Tamie leads by example, staying focused despite the emotional moments that surface as people go through this enormous transformation. I always felt supported and seen. As a result of The Freedom Class, I feel I have brought myself back into balance. I still have bouts of grief but they are a level 2 instead of a 10. My practice of EFT is in place. I am calmer. I understand my history better. I have more respect and more compassion for myself. I have more courage to set appropriate boundaries with people. I have lost most of the anger toward the narcissists in my life. I’m more interested in my journey forward. There is more to put in place regarding self-care, more to learn, and more to release because this is big stuff. I would encourage anyone interested in this class to not hesitate and just do it. The length of the class is helpful. There is no pressure to perform. There is plenty of time to go through all the stages of learning. I am grateful to myself for taking the risk of spending the money on this class! Spending money to save my life was a good choice! I have the utmost respect for Tamie, and I am happy that there is still time left in the class for me to listen and participate with my new awareness."

Mary Ellen O'Leary
Retired Psychotherapist and Filmmaker ~ USA

"Prior to meeting Tamie and signing up for The Freedom Class, I was definitely in a very dark place and at the lowest vibration of my life. Recently divorced from a destructive covert narcissist, I was full of guilt because he used to blame me for everything. I was confused, hurting, and didn't even know how to start healing. The Freedom Class helped me understand what I went through. I learned a lot about myself and why I put up with the abuse for so long. The class brought my level of awareness to a much higher standard to be able to identify abuse as is. Forever thankful for this program. I love working with Tamie. From the initial call to the most recent phone conversations, it is always an honor to be able to talk to her and learn from her wisdom and knowledge. I feel blessed to know her and to work with her. As a result of The Freedom Class, I have a much better understanding of narcissistic abuse. Knowledge is power. I feel I received the tools and the knowledge from this program to navigate through life easier and happier. If you are considering joining The Freedom Class…do it! Do it for you, for your happiness, for a healthier future, for your success, and your healing! I have worked with a couple of life coaches, on and off, but this program is specifically designed to really help you heal from your soul."

Lucy Leyva
Entrepreneur ~ USA

"Prior to finding The Freedom Class, I had just broken off a couple of relationships and had gone no contact. I did not know which way was up. I was a total mess, full of mental fog, and unable to work or function in my everyday life and work. The Freedom Class helped me discover that I had no idea what a relationship with a narcissist entailed, or what that even meant, despite being involved in these relationships all of my life. The program explained everything and answered all of the life questions that I had always searched to find answers for. Throughout the program and coaching sessions Tamie guided and supported me with love, but at the same time firmly as needed, and with profound understanding. My life has truly and completely changed. Working with Tamie was a life-changing and wonderful experience. Tamie has a gift, vocation, life mission, and purpose that has tremendous value for all who need to understand and heal from very toxic, dysfunctional, or otherwise on the spectrum of narcissism relationships with partners or their family of origin. As a result of going through the program, I received excellent results. Results I never even closely received with 20-plus years of talk therapy. I was finally able to discover and see with radical acceptance why I had gone through these types of relationship experiences over and over again. I saw where and what the patterns were and the addictive components to it. If you are considering joining The Freedom Class, definitely do it. Give yourself the gift and love you so much deserve once and for all. You will make huge progress, heal, grow, and your life will change for the better 100%. Thank you, Tamie, for helping me. For helping me find the answers, for helping me find my way back home, for the inner peace and calm I never knew before, and for the personal and spiritual growth in my ascending journey."

Elizabeth France
Self-Employed ~ Mexico

"Before signing up for The Freedom Class, I was discarded by my ex after 20 years of marriage. I was in an obsessive, crazy cycle with racing thoughts. I feel God led me to Tamie's videos to help me process what was going on in my life and why. My thoughts were obsessive, constant, and exhausting about my failed relationship with a narcissist. I felt the ultimate discard. Watching Tamie's videos I truly saw her inner beauty and it was apparent she knew the subject matter by experience. This program was a lifesaver, an anchor in the storm. It gave me something to focus on, directing my journey to self-awareness and healing. I can now see my part in this very unhealthy relationship and choose to grow into the best version of myself. I will go back through the course after digesting so much info. Thanks, Tamie!! As a result of The Freedom Class, my mind is calm and I have several techniques to use to move on through my healing. I have learned patterns of why I choose unhealthy partners and how to move forward to healthy relationships in time. The rate of support I received while going through the program was excellent. If you are considering joining The Freedom Class, I highly recommend this program if you are or have ever dealt with any unhealthy, toxic, narcissistic relationship or family members. This program helps one get the focus off the problem person and situation, onto a true, healthy, recovery journey. A big huge thank you to Tamie for her expertise and support."

Kathleen Piercy
Physical Therapist ~ USA

"Before signing up for The Freedom Class, I was codependent and in a relationship with a covert narcissist who exploited my lack of boundaries, lack of self-trust, and almost destroyed me. The Freedom Class helped me learn emotional terms so that I can tell my story, express my needs and wants, and taught me how to feel comfortable and safe. I identified my own unhealthy patterns that caused me to attract these types of people into my life, and I was given the opportunity to change. I am no longer putting myself in toxic relationships. Today I am taking care of myself, and I am aware of my feelings and thoughts. Tamie is very personable and down-to-earth to work with. She will help you unpack your issues and gives sustainable suggestions for living a life with healthy and functional boundaries. Tamie has very valuable experience and helps you fully develop your knowledge of self-analysis. This was important for me to gain in order to move towards more freedom and fun. Through The Freedom Class, I have changed my behavior. I am no longer one who has toxic behaviors. I am not perfect and that is okay. I continue to work on myself and am growing more comfortable with who I am. I know how to get out of toxic and unhealthy relationships because I now identify them easily. I now practice healthy relationships with myself and with others. If you are considering joining The Freedom Class, do it. It is the best gift you will ever give yourself. You will get much-needed information in order to be able to love yourself, and also give attention and full focus to the here and now. Knowledge is power."

Justine Knupp
Self-Employed ~ USA

"Over the last year prior to working with Tamie, all things had come to a head with my siblings as I finally confronted them about their emotional abuse towards me since childhood. This created a big explosion within the family but something I needed to finally stand up to as it was starting to affect my children. I had also been having problems in my relationship since 2020 which kept going around in circles and I identified that there were patterns between my adult love relationships and the dysfunction of my family that I had grown up with. I have been gaslit by those I love or felt should have my back, for almost all of my life, and this was driving me to insanity and rage, especially with my partner. I was in a desperate place when I reached out to Tamie because I understood what the issues were but didn't know how to help myself get over the pain, and hurt and to stop suffering. I was frequently having rages, weekly at some point, and had been feeling angry for a long time. Tamie's online program was excellent! I learned so much that I didn't know about myself and some surprises along the way really helped me change the way I thought about myself. For example, I always thought that I was interdependent but learned that I am actually co-dependent even though in life I have always been financially independent and always taken care of myself and my children. Tamie and her program helped me dig deep to discover that the traumas of my past have been re-played in all of my adult relationships where I have been attracting the same behavioural traits in men that I had experienced as a child. It helped to resolve those traumas of the past. The content of Tamie's program is varied, specific, and niche in this area of abuse which has been amazing for me to actually take value from the program and make a difference in my life. I have done many courses, therapy, etc... over the years which did not touch the spot or teach me what Tamie has taught me to change my life. Tamie is a sensational coach who is exceptionally professional, knowledgeable, and authentic to the core of her being. I was hugely impressed by Tamie from the first moment we spoke during my consultation as it was very clear that she could help me in ways no other could. Tamie's experience from the "school of life" combined with her own experience of techniques that she shares in her program was mind-blowing and a real game-changer for me to finally be able to release the anger, shame, and guilt that had been holding me back from being my true authentic self, and taking back my power to stand up for myself, and unashamedly be myself again. As a result of going through the program, my anger levels are so much lower than before. I have not had any rages since working with Tamie. I am much calmer and everyone else seems to have left me alone to just "be". My relationship with my sister has really improved and I am happy that we are talking and making the effort to start our new relationship and put the past to bed. As for my relationship with my partner, as a result of this coaching, I have changed the way I deal with my emotions and how I respond to him, refusing to allow his gaslighting. Instead, I now set my boundaries, step away, and do not give him the attention he seeks in these situations to manipulate me. Now his gaslighting behavior is rare and the attention-seeking has reduced significantly because I no longer take his issues on as mine, as he has been projecting. This means that I have fewer arguments with him and I don't feel the rage I used to as I put his issues and feelings back onto him to take responsibility. Whatever the reasons you choose to work with Tamie, whether to fix your love relationship, resolve childhood trauma, or go no contact with toxic family members, ultimately this program is all about you!! I recommend everyone to join The Freedom Class and give Tamie permission to show you how to dig deep and finally let go of traumas that have been holding you back in all your relationships. Working with Tamie may well start you on a new chapter for the rest of your life for the better! If you take ownership, accountability, and responsibility for making the changes you know you need to make and follow Tamie's system, you will come out the other end the real authentic you again!"

Business Coach ~ United Kingdom

"Before signing up for The Freedom Class, I was separated from my husband for a few years but was still giving into trips occasionally. I was pressured by adult children to stay in a chaotic circus. They did not understand the rejection my husband had dealt me with his many other women over the years. The Freedom Class helped me see what is best for me, which is not to see my husband at all. Through the program, I learned to recognize my own choices, and now better understand my reasons. There was an acceptance on my part of habitually bad behavior that I knew wasn’t good for me. As a result of the program, I have not spoken to, texted, or called my ex-husband in three months. This is the longest amount of time we have gone without communication."

Patricia S. Colvin
Retired Disability Adjudicator ~ USA

"Before signing up for The Freedom Class, I was mired in a horrible divorce and struggling to make sense of everything I was going through. It was just too much for me alone. The Freedom Class has helped me immensely. Tamie’s support and hearing all her other clients as well has made this nightmare more doable. It’s nice to feel that you’re not alone and that there are other people out there who are suffering from the same thing that you are. Hearing how each of them deals with narcissistic abuse helped create a blueprint for what to do. The Freedom Class helped me to quell my anxiety and fears. The course content is very important and you can do it at your own speed. All of the elements that must come together to heal and recover from being narcissistically abused are addressed. Tamie’s resources, especially the reading materials, have been a godsend. I feel ready to move on with my life now. Tamie gave me the tools and taught me how to deal with a narcissist, behave around a narcissist, and how to not react to a narcissist. To me that has made all the difference. Thank you so much, Tamie for all your knowledge and wisdom. Working with Tamie is really amazing. Tamie is very clear and concise with zero bullshit. You always know where you stand with her. Tamie is a great model to observe to become a person who can set clear boundaries. She makes it look so easy and I really admire her gumption. As a result of The Freedom Class, I am no longer so incredibly angst-ridden. The EFT tapping technique has been a tool that really helps me hone in and focus on where my anxiety is and helps to dispel those thoughts. I am not so easily triggered any more by the narcissistic abuse of my exes. I’ve detached and become stronger after going through the course. If you are someone who is considering joining The Freedom Class, don’t even think twice, just do it. It is worth every penny to have mental sanity and an understanding of what you’ve been through. I am ever so thankful for all of the support, all of the coursework, all of the knowledge, all of the tools, and everything that I’ve been learning and continue to learn. I am moving on in my recovery and healing. I am forever grateful. Thank you so much, Tamie!"

Maria Keeshen
Sales ~ USA

"Prior to meeting Tamie and signing up for The Freedom Class, I was stuck in a relationship and becoming more and more frustrated. I was resentful, unhappy, and just didn't know where to go with it. The Freedom Class helped me leave the relationship and taught me that all the effort I was putting into everyone else could be used to love myself first. I still have a lot of work to do, but I now have a pathway to follow. Through The Freedom Class, I have been given the tools to seek out my own happiness. I now know that even though I may go through some sadness, I can come out of it and move forward. The support I received while going through the program was excellent. What I would say to someone who is considering joining The Freedom Class is this is a really great way to find resources to help yourself find peace. The steps Tamie uses are laid out in a way that helps you feel satisfied with where you are at in life. The program was a way to help me find myself. The Freedom Class is laid out in a way that helps you keep going without overwhelming you. Giving myself time to think while doing this work was so important. Upon starting the program, I went on a five-day vacation into the woods with no one else. I also spent a couple of weeks on each of the program's modules."

Ingrid Scott
Retired ~ USA

"Before signing up for The Freedom Class, I had been in a destructive and extremely harmful narcissistic relationship for nine years. Without truly understanding narcissistic abuse, I knew I was done with the partner I was with. I knew I wasn't emotionally, mentally, or physically safe. I knew I was in an abusive relationship, but believed I was possibly the cause of the abusive behavior. That somehow I wasn't doing enough or being enough, while at the same time knowing deep down inside really and truly, that I most certainly was enough. Though he never laid a hand on me physically, I ended up with a skin condition called Granuloma Annulare, shingles, as well as severe stomach issues. According to my naturopath and medical doctor, it was possible my medical issues could very well be a result of the chronic stress I was experiencing. I decided to finally get out and get away from this person and end the relationship to save myself. I had lost my identity as a person while living my life at his beck and call. I was alienated from my friends and family and didn't even realize what was going on. The abuse was so subtle with the exception of the full-blown verbal, emotional, and mental attacks. One day I happened to be perusing YouTube when I came across Tamie's videos. I will always hold that experience in high regard. Tamie was singing my life with her words, so to speak. Everything she said was explaining my life. Wow, Tamie was someone who understood how I felt and what I was going through. She fully explained exactly what my partner was doing and the person he was! I needed someone like Tamie to refresh my memory and bring me back to myself. The Freedom Class helped me gain courage and confidence. I found myself, got my life back, and now love that little girl I carry within me. The lessons within this course will always be my "go-to" when I'm in doubt, and I will always have them to review. I now have Tamie's profound wisdom on the subject of self-love and self-care, because I chose to heal. I am now happier, more confident, and a little softer with just a bit of an edge. I am healthy, wealthy, whole, and free. My heart is happy as can be and my body is full of vitality! Maybe even a little silly! Others see a change in me, and there is no going back. I'm extremely grateful and thank the Creator for the wisdom and love that Tamie shares with others. I found a coach in Tamie that is second to none! I could go on indefinitely… As a result of The Freedom Class, my life has changed profoundly and in the most positive way possible. I am more confident and will not put up with anyone's unnecessary bullsh-t! I am so into self-care, self-love, and listening to my inner voice. The program is also helping me in the other relationships in my life. Thank goodness the program was self-paced as I was able to sift and sort through my life, where I have been (my mother was also narcissistic), and where I can see myself moving forward. I'm so grateful I have The Freedom Class course content to go back to whenever I need it. I continue to use the word profound because the program has been that for me. The support I received while going through the program was excellent. What I would say to someone who is considering joining The Freedom Class is do this for yourself, you absolutely won't regret it! Find your authentic self and get where you should be in life! Thank you, Tamie! With much love, I will end with Tamie's famous words... "And not another word"."

Frances Payne
Retired Personal Banking Manager ~ Canada

""When I signed up for The Freedom Class I was desperate and in a severely abusive relationship with a fairly extreme narcissist. I was pulling away from the relationship, but was also being pulled back in by him at the same time, and the violence was getting worse. This was my second abusive relationship. I was in need of a resource for support more than anything at that time and as they say when the student is ready… The Freedom Class helped me to feel so light and transformed, despite having done much work in this area already. The program has synthesized so much. I lap it up like a disciple, though a questioning one as I am, to ensure the work deepens and is fully digested and the paradoxes are reconciled or ways are found through them. As a busy working single mother of four, I am so grateful that the course content is still available to me to go back to after the 8 weeks, as I want to take it all in, especially the tapping exercises. I have done some tapping, so I know this will be a great resource and support in my ongoing recovery. As a result of The Freedom Class I now have greater alignment, more truth, integrity, the much needed tools, and clear thinking to help me maintain safety and thrive moving forward. I face some serious challenges ahead with the justice system and a severely unhealed abuser while continuing to work through my love for him. I know I must continue to make the time to fully work through the grief and not let the gratitude for all that I have learned get confused with love. I must remember always my safety, my children's safety, and how we thrive without abuse in our lives. This is a curious crucible, for without such abuse I would not have arrived here, so it was helpful to get deeper clarity for myself. I had been quoting a Portia Nelson poem so much to friends, in sessions with my clients, and of course in futility and codependently to my abuser. It was very touching to find the same poem within the program. My next steps are compassion for myself with wise discernment, as these are the areas for me to work deeply on. The lies of the devil have been great teachers, but not so great to sleep with! The support I received while going through the program was excellent. What I would say to someone who is considering joining The Freedom Class is do it! I am so blessed to have come across this work, and I feel love and gratitude for you, Tamie. Love to you always and with gratitude. Namaste. Thank you!""

Nell Mannocci ~ United Kingdom
Mental Health Professional


Frequently Asked Questions

This course is for people who are tired of the pain, frustration, and confusion they suffer as a result of dealing with the toxic, manipulative, and empathy impaired people in their lives.  

This course is for people who are done with picking up the pieces of their broken hearts and shattered lives time and time and time again.  

It's for people who on some level still feel disempowered in spite of having read all the self-help books and maybe even attended a few rockin' seminars, therapy sessions and/or twelve step meetings... to no avail.  

This course is for people who just want the pain to stop.

This course is for people who are ready to reclaim their full POWER, embody their best selves, and manifest their best lives!

A safe, thoughtful, fun, loving, and inspiring environment. Ridiculously valuable, life-changing, and mind-expanding content. An increased sense of self-love, self-confidence, and personal empowerment that will spill over into every area of your life. A fresh perspective.  Easy to understand, practical, and doable steps laid out for you. All the love, support, and guidance that you need. Progress in the direction of your dreams, goals, and desires. Movement in the direction of more love, more peace, more confidence, and more freedom.

The videos on my YouTube channel are brief and informational, and with the time we have, I'm not able to go into a lot of depth on any one video.  
My programs are in-depth and transformational, with the benefit of being able to go much deeper and experience real change and results that last. 
It doesn’t matter where you are today.  If you do the work and follow the steps laid out for you, I guarantee you’ll finish a more happy, peaceful, confident, and empowered person than when you started. 

Access to each module will be delivered via email once per week over eight weeks, but it's up to you when you start and at what pace you choose to go through the content. You have this content forever, including any upgrades or bonuses that are added over time. I know you'll love it so much that you'll go through the course content more than once.  

YES! I love payment plans. You will find the payment options when you click the link to get started.

Due to the nature of digital programs, all purchases are final and no refunds are available.

Please understand in advance that our strict no refund policy is in place because once you register for the program, you have access to life-changing course content as well as our community and the entire team here at Tamie M Coaching for ongoing support. 

I will, however, offer this guarantee:

When you apply the principles, strategies, and techniques that I teach in The Freedom Class, you will see positive improvements in your life much faster than you believe!

I deeply believe in my ability to guide and support you on your healing and recovery journey... a journey to more empowerment and freedom, and thus increase your confidence, your belief in yourself and improve your relationship skills. I believe that the spiritual and practical principles I teach can revolutionize your life. I believe deeply that the various components of this program will give you EVERYTHING you need to begin to feel exponentially more empowered and significantly more able to consciously co-create a life of deep inner peace, lasting love and authentic joy.  Truly, a life you're thrilled to be living!

I believe in YOU!  I believe that if you do the work, you can learn these skills and change your life... but it is up to you. You have to show up. You have to commit. You have to do the work.  

According to my attorney, I need to make sure I say this to you:  

DISCLAIMER: I do not guarantee or warrant results or increased income.  

Please contact [email protected] and we will do our best to resolve the issue.





The Freedom Class Self-Paced Program

The ultimate do-it-yourself, self-paced, rapid results recovery roadmap for people who are ready to heal from the painful effects of codependency and narcissistic abuse.  Includes lifetime access to the entire digital program and ongoing access to one live Q & A session with Tamie per month.


The Freedom Class Group Coaching Program

By far our MOST POPULAR option!  Enjoy the many benefits of two weekly live group coaching sessions with empowerment life coach Tamie, as well as lifetime access to the entire program and prerecorded course content, including all upgrades and bonuses added over time.


The Ascension Class Group Coaching Program

The mentorship program for missioned souls.  A high-vibing container specifically designed for empaths, scapegoats, and awakening light leaders.  A journey through four powerful pillars desgigned to activate your power and potential.  This is where you become the YOU you were always meant to be!





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